How to Overcome Late Delivery delays?

Acquire Automated Logistic Software

Automation can go a long way in reducing delivery times. Although it might be expensive to acquire automated logistic software, it will help you avoid delivery delays. Automated software determines what products should be dispatched according to their order times.

You must ensure a strong internal ecosystem with a professional team and a strategic delivery approach to avoid delivery delays. You can set rules and regulations to operate professionally and minimize the inefficiencies in the delivery process.

Follow optimized routes 

Train your delivery drivers to follow the optimized delivery routes that can help them reach the destination within the shortest time and escape the hassles of traffic congestions and delivery delays. You can create optimized routes using traditional or modern methods that can help your delivery drivers to handle the work operations.

Use a route planner

Choose a professional route planner that can help you with automation and reliable tracking but also assist you with payment processing, proof of delivery, automated delivery scheduling, client management, and driver management.

Set a Minimum/Maximum

Delivery TimeSetting a minimum delivery time will allow you to attend to your orders incisively. Delivery time should be realistic in the sense that you will not put yourself under pressure to deliver. On the other hand, your shipping time should not be discouraging to the customer. When customers place orders, they do so hoping to receive their products in good time.

Update Your Inventory

RegularlyIt is obvious that some of your products are more popular. For this reason, you should update your inventory regularly to replace products that have already been delivered. It would be so frustrating for a customer to order a product that does not exist in your inventory.

Prepare Your Warehouse

As your business grows, you will realize more orders. Always prepare your warehouse in such a way that it is easy to dispatch products to their respective destinations. Start by arranging the most popular products first, followed by the less popular ones.

Prepare for the holidays

Businesses often witness increased orders and sales during the holidays. Unfortunately, most couriers do not work during public holidays. Therefore, you should make alternative arrangements to deliver orders in good time. To avoid delivery delays, always dispatch your orders before the public holidays commence.

Enlist a Fulfillment Service

Enlisting the services of a fulfillment company is the most viable way of avoiding delivery delays. A fulfillment service is a third-party company that handles warehousing, packaging and delivery of orders on behalf of your e-commerce business. Hiring a Fulfillment service has numerous benefits. It lowers operating costs, improves business focus, improves scalability and above all, eliminates delivery delays. By hiring a fulfillment service, you do not have to purchase automation software neither do you need to worry about delivering goods during public holidays.


Indeed, the best way to avoid delivery delays is to employ a fulfillment service like Deliveryman. Deliveryman is a company that provides fulfillment and logistics services. By working with Deliveryman, you do not have to worry about delivery times. You can rest assured that all your goods will be delivered to respective customers, promptly. As you focus on your sales, Deliveryman focuses on your packaging. The company provides warehousing, packaging and delivery of orders, all in one roof.

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