Order Fulfilment Process For Online Sellers

Quick goods acceptance into stock

Goods acceptance is as soon as possible. Delivered goods are accepted into stock no later than within the same day of receipt.

Precise verification of every delivery

During unloading we conduct an initial delivery correctness inspection, verifying any visible damage, access to content and the protection of goods (seals on the shipping containers etc.).

If any irregularities are found regarding the content of the delivery, packaging etc., then we create photographic documentation of such occurrence and give it to the customer.

The location of our warehouse is convenient for delivery services.

Our warehouse is located in a logistics centre near Warsaw, close to the major transportation hubs. Such a convenient location allows the delivery services to reach our warehouse without problems.

Taking photographs of new products

During the acceptance of new products (not present in the goods register before), at the customer’s request, we create their photographic documentation, which is then attached to the product in the goods register of the WMS system.

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