Maryanne from Nairobi writes,

I’m reaching out because I have a huge problem. I have a lot of products that I want to sell, but I don’t have the storage space or the sales volume to get them out there.

I’ve been researching micro fulfilment options, and I think it might be the perfect solution for me. The idea is to store my products in a warehouse that’s closest to where they’re being sold, then sell them on demand through an online platform. The consumer pays a small fee when they place their order, and we pay the rest up front as soon as they receive their product. It’s like an on-demand storage system—and it’s so much easier than having to find a warehouse that can hold all my inventory.

Hi Maryanne!

I hope you’re doing well. I’m writing to answer your question and to let you know about our new service: micro fulfilment/rent a shelf space.

What is it? Micro fulfilment is a new way of selling and storing your products that lets you send them out on demand, but with the peace of mind that they’re stored securely until you’re ready to ship them out. In Kenya the service is commonly known as “rent a shelf”. We accept orders and then store them in one of our secure warehouses or shelves until you need them to be shipped.

We’ve partnered with the most reliable cloud storage providers to ensure that your products are safe, secure, and backed by the best technology in the industry. When you issue us instructions , we’ll send your items immediately—we help collect for you payment from your clients upon order receipt.

Well, Micro fulfilment lets you keep control of your business without having to worry about whether or not your customers can get their orders quickly or safely when they need them. You can make sure every customer gets exactly what they ordered in just a few hours or days—no waiting weeks for delivery! And because we handle everything behind the scenes, there’s no risk involved if something goes wrong with your order during transit: since all of our deliveries are processed through certified carriers and secured warehouses, there is no risk of theft or loss

Research and Markets estimate that micro-fulfillment center installations will grow more than 20 times by 2030, with more than 80% of those installations deployed in North America with still at less than 5%. This data suggests that micro-fulfillment will become a staple of e-commerce fulfillment practices within the next few years.”

Among the benefits cited are faster shipping, lower storage costs and lower transportation costs. But these are only true if retailers have the necessary tools to capitalize, including:

  • Multi-carrier parcel shipping that includes gig economy carriers
  • Carrier capacity management
  • Business Intelligence
  • AI and automation of processes both in warehouse and shipping.

The critical nature of last-mile delivery for customer satisfaction heightens both the opportunity and risk for retailers employing micro-fulfillment. 

Contact us today to see how we can help you optimize your micro-fulfillment capabilities.

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